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Billynaire rapper and entrepreneur, a.k.a THE KING OF S.W.A.G, has become the first artist in history to receive an advance in nora coin. "I just see the opportunity and go for it, and I have been seeing the utilization of nora coin keep growing. I even have an NFT collection that is going to be auctioning on They call me Billynaire for a reason. I saw Bitcoin grow to $65,000 and I think Nora is heading in that direction too", said Billynaire as he flashes his S.W.A.G apparel.

Billynaire received 100,000 nora coins and it looks like he's not done. The auction of his NFT's will be coming up in a short few weeks. "You can get one of my NFT's on When I see opportunity I take it".

Nora Coin is currently valued at 1.17 as of this writing. You can check out Billynaire's NFT collection on If you would like to get one of Billynaire's NFT's you can get nora coin via the NRT SmartChain on

Crypto Price:
Bitcoin: $28187.88
Ethereum: $1838.83
Nora (nrt) Price: $0.49

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