Claim your Nora NFT Coins


Collect them all.
VIP Access, special avatar moves, exclusive invites, trade and more.

How it works

use ethereum to connect them to your wallet

NFT World

Nora coin is a digital currency for new kinds of applications.

1. PowerUp System (beta still under development)

2. Smart Transfer system.

3. NRT network

4. classic wallet

5. NFT

6. NFT Software System

7. NoraVerse

8. NFT Music

9. NFT Passes

9. NFT Creation Tool

What is Nora

Why claim a Nora NFT?

All these NFT's are tickets for the future in the NoraVerse.

The truth is, if you want to be part of the future. Then you need Nora.

Nora to the moon!


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Add Gas

          Send 0.441274 ethereum (aprox: $777) to:

Once you send press next

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